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"Living Clay is like American Express.  Don't leave home without it!" ~ Diane J.

"Just wanted to let you know I've turned a dozen or so people onto (all whom have purchased). They thought I was a salesman for the product.  After using it for the first couple of weeks with wide range of results, now going into my 2nd month, I'll never stop using it ever.  Great product!!!!" - Rob R.

"I was searching for a product while shopping at Central Market to care for my skin. I drove to Central Market for one particular product line to care for my facial needs. They were out, so I kept looking and hoping for an effective natural product. I spotted one jar of Living Clay on the shelf, which is always a good sign. As I was reading the brochure, the sales associate came over bragging on the product. She instructed me to locate you on the Internet. I tried it and my face felt supple. I need to purchase the Face & Body Scrub, Rejuvenation Face Cream, and the Body Cream for my dry feet and hands. Thank you for such a fine product line." - Linda J.

"My son was diagnosed with Asthma when he was 2 years old. He is now 7 years old and has always had problems with eczema but over the past year it has gotten worse. He would go through the day at school itching and then come home itching. He has tried several steroid creams from the doctor as well as oatmeal baths, benadryl, and even monitoring what he was eating. It is so mind boggling and hurtful not knowing how to help your child when they are in pain. I put him in the clay bath and he immediately began to tell me how great it felt on his body. I let him relax and lie down in it. He is usually itching by the time he gets out of the tub and will continue to itch the rest of the night. It had become a major distraction for him when he was trying to practice his singing at night. He couldn't stand still and concentrate without having to stop and scratch. After he got out of the tub I noticed he wasn't itching and I asked him how he felt and he said good. I told him that if he started itching later on that night to let me know. At bedtime, he still wasn't itching. I asked him when he woke up the next morning if he was itching and again he said no. This has truly been a blessing to him. I thank God for this product.  I will continue to use the clay because it is so relieving to see him not itching and happy. That is something I haven't seen in almost a year." ~ Cecelia L.

"I absolutely love your products.  I have Multi-Chemical Sensitivity and I can use your products (unscented) without any problem at all." ~ Paige

I love the clay.  I have my 16 year old son who does not eat or drink what he should, I have him using the liquid clay every morning and his face is almost clear.  Yahoooo!  And the girls just flock around him. ~ Sharon S., Kansas

I have very sensitive skin in the neck and throat area.  Your Lotion and Rejuvenation Face Cream are the first products that do not irritate my skin.  The area is usually rough and itchy but now when I use the Living Clay and the Lotions and Creams, the irritation is gone and my skin is smooth and soft once more.  Believe me I have tried a multitude of products.  I am a Living Clay fan for life. ~ Darla K., Wisconsin

I have an elderly cat, Big Guy, who has been my companion for over twelve years...I rescued him as a tiny kitten...He's in good health, except for a large cyst on top of his head, near his ear. The vet won't remove it, as he doesn't want to do surgery on a cat his age if not absolutely necessary. Occasionally, I notice that BG has been scratching the cyst, and it has bled a bit...This really worried me, so I started putting a dab of the rehydrated clay on it when he was quiet or asleep and didn't realize what I was doing!  If he knew, he would promptly lick his paw and remove the stuff...but I figured that it wouldn't hurt his insides, either!  I notice that when I use this clay on the cyst, it gets smaller, the sore places dry up , and he doesn't seem to be bothered by it...So I'm going to keep using it on him as long as the cyst is there...We'll see if it disappears...that'd be something! ~ Lia Marie

The scrub is absolutely Wonderful!!!  We would like to order more!  I love it , love it, love it!!!  That is the best scrub I have ever used and, my testers are telling me the same!!!!  Kudos!!  ~ Dorie S., Oklahoma

I have been using the clay and am very pleased with the results. My skin does look more vibrant and refreshed. I like it better than the Aztec clay.  I get better results.  ~ Aisha

I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for the wonderful clay!!  It is by far the best clay I've ever had! I will be ordering more in the future :)  ~ Tsetsi

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the clay. Just as my friend had told me, the clay is absolutely amazing. I used it for a facial and my skin texture improved visibly almost immediately.  ~ Aisha G.

I gave my daughter-in-law one of your Gift Bags as a baby shower gift.  It was the hit of the party!  She was absolutely delighted, and everyone was impressed.  I'm sure some of them will be ordering gift bags from you in the future.  ~ Phyllis G.

I can't thank you enough for offering Ran Knishinsky's book on your website.  I bought it a couple of months ago, and the information has changed my life.  I use clay daily now and I'll never quit.  This book and your clay are true godsends!   ~ Samantha J.

My son, age 14, was getting a few pimples on his face and I introduced him to clay use. He will just put a light coating on at night and is diligent about it so he has had no major problems since. But my daughter, age 13, on the other hand will not stick with the treatment so she gets those pimples on the nose and whatnot. The other day she wanted me to buy her some acne cream and I said again, just use clay. Well my son pipes up and gives his account. "Kloe just use clay, not only is my face clean of pimples but it is so soft. Really just feel my face it is really soft." So we both had to feel his face and which of course is very soft. That night, you bet, Kloe comes downstairs with clay on her face!! Thanks for the great products. ~ Joanne




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